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In the world of hair replacement, companies come and go, and promises are made and never kept. That's why Apollo is unique. For over 38 years, Apollo still leads the hair replacement industry with product development, patents, service and the highest quality products. Chances are, if you're looking into another hair replacement company, they're utilizing the technology that Apollo developed years ago and we have the patents to prove it. Simply put, our research and development team has made Apollo the most advanced international hair restoration company in the world.

Apollo welcomes the opportunity to serve you, and it all starts with a simple, free consultation with an Apollo Cosmetic Reconstruction specialist. Give us a call, (toll free) 1-888-741-4247. Our consultations are 100% completely confidential. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have. We're here for you so you can begin to restore confidence in your life. You have nothing to lose- only natural looking hair to gain!

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